Ariana Grande Cat Ear Headphones

Ariana Grande Cat Ear Headphones Review

The limited edition wireless Ariana Grande cat ear headphones are the most anticipated release by Brookstone this year. They are in great demand and are available at Brookstone and Amazon with a price tag. The specs are amazing, the quality is fantastic, and it is made for girls with adequate sound quality, bass, and adjustable volume levels. There are beautiful earphone cups and color changing flashlights that can be switched to different colors as per the clothing and mood of the wearer. The chrome and white combination is a designer-approved best design so far introduced by Brookstone. Experience the smooth and adjustable over-the-ear cushions to make it feel comfortable while listening to your favorite music; the noise reduction is immaculate; no one’s going to hear it except you.


  • The limited edition version of cat ear headphones has newest features; it changes more colors, it has a long lasting battery life, it has multiple listening modes, the frequency range is made given kids and girls listening to the music, the light buttons are customized for ease, and much more.
  • The colors of cat ear include light blue, green, orange, ice, pink, lavender, hot pink, and purple.
  • The flashlights can be changed accordingly from the left cat ear as per your mood and choice.
  • The frequency range in 20-20KHz with 32 Ohm impedance.
  • For better sound and noise reduction, over-the-ear cushioning technology is improved for isolated sound.
  • The Ariana Grande headphones support both private listening and speaker mode.
  • To share music with friends, turn on the speakers in the cat ear section, or turn on the mixed mode.
  • The battery is powerful; it takes 5 hours of continuous listening to completely drain the internal battery.
  • It can be paired to any nearby Bluetooth device for music sharing.
  • The 3.5mm jack is provided along with the Ariana Grande Cat Ear headphone set, the extension cable is 4-ft long, it means you can take it anywhere, plug it into a TV, or PlayStation, or any other music device with ease.

In the Box

You will find:

  • Ariana Grande Cat Ear Headphones
  • Silicon hard casing for headphones
  • Gift-wrap if demanded
  • 4-ft long wire for extended use of headphones

Pros and Cons


  • There’s no shipping fee for the Ariana Grande Cat Ear Headphones; the limited edition is as reasonable as explained.
  • There is a 1-year warranty along with the headphones; it can be extended to three-year plan.
  • Over-the-ear cushions are softer than ever
  • The item weight is 1lb on average including the accessories.
  • The extension cable for 3.5 mm jack is enough to cover every music device in the room
  • The battery life is better than its previous versions
  • The special edition is kids friendly; the volume limited is optimized for girls and kids
  • Gift-wrap is available for surprise gifts, birthday or Christmas presents.


  • The price is slightly high,i.e., $119.99 on Amazon with the limited protection plan.
  • Only white color is available in the special edition stock
  • The Ariana Grande Headphones are larger than expected